Tooth Extractions

Warren’s Trusted Specialists at Sparkle Dental Know How and When to Perform Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction PhotoTooth extractions at Sparkle Dental

The last thing our Dr. Assad would want is for you to need tooth extractions, so with any dental problem, we will first use digital x-rays to assist in the best possible diagnosis and dental solution. We also provide you with a FREE tooth extraction consultation and our recommendation for the very best procedure for you or your family member.

Tooth extractions are a very common oral surgery procedure and are used to treat many dental problems that include:

  • Removal of A Tooth or Teeth That Cannot Be Saved
  • Treatment or Removal of Abscessed Teeth or Infected Teeth
  • Fixing or Removing Cracked, Fractured, or Broken Teeth
  • Correcting or Removing Decayed Teeth or Injured Teeth
  • Removing Wisdom Teeth Along with Trusted Orthodontic Recommendations

If you are experiencing tooth pain or swelling in your mouth, you need to contact the Sparkle Dental Clinic immediately in Warren, MI for a FREE diagnosis. Dr. Assad will give you her recommendation and her expert advice on the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Common problems that require tooth extractions

Abscessed teeth are teeth with an isolated infection or teeth with an infection bubble, and they can become harmful to your health if untreated. By using x-rays or visual inspections, we can determine if you have an abscessed tooth. This can occur when you ignore tooth pain for long periods, from sensitivity or swelling near a tooth, and these conditions will often require a tooth extraction. Also, wisdom teeth may need to be extracted because of the angle at which they are growing into your mouth, or from pocketing or food impaction that occurs when the teeth are erupting from the gums.

Tooth extractions provide you with the most immediate relief from pain or swelling. Tooth extractions are very cost-effective solutions, and typically any teeth that are extracted will need to be replaced. We provide you with all the necessary follow-up procedures for tooth replacement after any tooth extraction. Some options may include dental bridges, dental implants, partial dentures, or even a full set of dentures if necessary.

Dr. Assad’s experience and caring style as a person, along with her talented staff will provide you with easy and pain-free procedures for tooth extractions. In addition, we can use local anesthesia, nitrous (laughing gas) if you like; or even oral sedation that you can take before your dental procedure (in pill form). Rest assured, at Sparkle Dental we always listen to patients like you to guarantee comfort during the entire tooth extraction process. Sparkle Dental also performs a follow-up courtesy phone call to make sure that everything is going smoothly after your dental procedure.

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