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Find the Highest Quality Lumineers and Dental Veneers only at Sparkle Dental in Warren, MI

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At the Sparkle Dental Clinic, we only use real porcelain for your veneers, because it’s the best, more durable and, more natural looking than a resin composite. Porcelain veneers are a great way to have an amazing smile, and it’s the most natural-looking cosmetic dental application. This is because they are perfectly matched porcelain coverings applied to your teeth for enhanced appearance.

Teeth that are good candidates for porcelain veneers are stained, chipped teeth, crooked teeth, misshaped teeth, out of alignment teeth, and teeth that have big gaps.

Good quality dental veneers are made with porcelain, and they typically cover just your front teeth. One advantage of dental veneers is their ability to be custom shaded and shaped to your existing teeth if you like. In addition, veneers are quickly and easily applied to your existing teeth and are a simple and painless cosmetic dental procedure for a beautiful smile.

Another advantage of veneers is that they are available for people of all ages, and that includes children, adults, and seniors alike. Everyone can simply and easily benefit from having perfect-looking teeth with dental veneers. They can also be a good solution for broken or chipped teeth from accidents or biting down on something hard.

What’s the difference between dental veneers and dental crowns?

Dental veneers and dental crowns share many of the same characteristics but still have their differences. Veneers are much quicker to complete and are less invasive to a tooth than dental crowns. Veneers are very strong and durable but compared to dental crowns they’re considered a weaker alternative.

Veneers are just one of the many cosmetic dentistry procedures that Sparkle Dental has to offer. Dr. Monica’s experience and state-of-the-art dental facility will give you the best look and the highest quality with your new porcelain veneers. Dr. Monica has also mastered the ability to perfectly match your existing tooth color with your new dental veneers to achieve a natural-looking smile that we promise you will love.

Also, you should be aware before you commit to a new tooth shade that dental veneers cannot be whitened after they are bonded. We recommend you first have your teeth whitened, so you can have the brightest smile possible before matching new veneers to your existing teeth color. And last but not least, think of how great you’ll feel after finally having the smile you always dreamed of having.

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