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Photo of Dental BridgesWhat are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are similar to dental crowns, but a dental bridge is three or more units of crowns that join together to fill the gap from a missing tooth. We can fill one or more missing teeth with a dental bridge, but we need at least two original teeth or implants on both sides of the space in order to place the bridge.

Dental bridges can also help to reduce movement of teeth into the space and are good for biting and chewing food.

Additionally, this added “teeth aid” assists in better digestion as well as an improved smile. Not only do dental bridges help in chewing your food, but they also assist in helping you to speak and communicate better; which greatly improves people’s perception of you. Bridges are cemented permanently into your mouth, unlike a partial denture or complete denture which are removable.

What are the different options available for dental bridges?

There are different types of dental bridges currently available to solve the problem of missing teeth. Porcelain and metal bridges can both be used for your side teeth and back teeth; where aesthetics aren’t necessarily important. In these parts of the mouth, it is more important that the bridge is strong, and functions correctly as opposed to better looks. Consequently, porcelain bridges are used more for cosmetic reasons, and they beautifully correct dental problems where others might see your teeth when talking or smiling. 

Even though Maryland dental bridges or Cantilever dental bridges are options for replacement, in most cases, they are not the best options. A Maryland bridge uses wings on the back of a tooth for mounting, and Maryland bridges are a good option if you don’t want to compromise teeth on either side of a dental bridge. Another type of bridge option is a Cantilever bridge; which uses an extension to create additional teeth by only using one tooth for the bridge. All dental bridges, just like crowns, are perfectly matched to the color of your teeth at Sparkle Dental Clinic in Warren, MI!

What is the dental procedure for bridges?

The creation and installation of a dental bridge require only two appointments at Sparkle Dental. The first appointment is where we quickly prep your teeth for the new dental bridge. During this dental visit, we make an impression to perfectly fit your new bridge and mouth. Then we create an exact match for tooth color and guarantee you the best color match possible. Finally, we send your new dental impression to our new state-of-the-art dental lab for creation!

During your second appointment, we test-fit your new dental bridge to double check that you are 100% satisfied with the finished product. Only after you give the final approval will we permanently cement the new dental bridge and make it permanent. Please remember, dental bridges are NOT removable and are a permanent fixture to your new beautiful smile. This way there’s absolutely no maintenance or upkeep involved as there is with removable dentures. You clean a bridge as you would any other teeth because it is cemented in your mouth.

Are you a candidate for dental bridges?

If you have missing teeth or a large gap in your smile, you could be a candidate for dental bridges and enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful new smile. Also, anyone who was born with missing teeth can have a dental bridge installed to easily perfect their appearance and quickly enhance their self-esteem.

Many people ask us what is involved with cleaning a dental bridge, and what type of scheduled maintenance is required?  In order to maintain good dental health, we recommend that you come into our Warren, MI dental office for regular cleanings and checkups. This guarantees your teeth and gums are healthy, and it allows for early detection of any dental issues in general. Warren, MI’s Sparkle Dental is waiting for your call so don’t wait; schedule your free dental consultation today and start enjoying a beautiful new you!

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