Teeth Whitening

The Approach of Warren, MI’s Sparkle Dental to Teeth Whitening will have you Smiling

Before and after teeth whitening photoAre you dreaming about having whiter teeth and a brighter smile?

Sparkle Dental provides you and your family clinically proven teeth whitening with advanced technology certified by the ADA. This guarantees you dramatically whiter and brighter teeth in just one quick and easy visit that only lasts one hour! Experience our special teeth whitening technique that is completely effective and easy on your wallet, and then be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Feel better about yourself and finally get rid of embarrassing teeth stains and the nasty buildup from sodas, coffee, tobacco, wine, tea, and everyday eating or improper hygiene. In addition, our fast “In Office” teeth whitening process only takes 1 hour of your time! That’s a far cry from those “in home” treatments that take weeks to complete and then deliver you inferior results.

Sparkle Dental now offers you a NEW professional grade crest whitening strips that you can take home to help you maintain the whitest teeth possible. You can only get these white strips from a dental professional like Sparkle Dental. These strips are not sold in stores, and you get a 7-day supply which you use for 2 hours per day. Right now, you can get this great convenient kit for only $199, and it includes a free periodontal evaluation!

You’ll enjoy a much brighter and whiter smile and have fabulous results from using our safe and amazingly effective teeth whitening by a professional dentist in Warren, MI. Sparkle Dental is a full-service dentist that offers you and your family all cosmetic dentistry services, checkups and teeth cleaning, emergency dental service and much, much more!

If you’ve been thinking about whitening your teeth, don’t wait any longer. Take advantage of the latest and the greatest teeth whitening technology with Dr. Assad at Sparkle Dental. We guarantee you whiter and brighter teeth in just one hour, and the process is completed in only one visit! This is the ultimate in teeth whitening technology only from Sparkle Dental.

Dr. Monica uses a teeth-whitening system, which is tested and proven to be the most advanced and the most effective teeth whitening system in the world. If you combine that with her award-winning dental skills and expertise in cosmetic dentistry, you’ll quickly discover you have the brightest and the whitest teeth possible!

Now for a limited time… our special in-office teeth whitening system is offered to you at an amazingly low price of just $299. Remember…you always can get a free tooth whitening consultation from Sparkle Dental with absolutely no obligation of any kind. Give us a try…you’ll be glad you did!

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We guarantee whiter teeth in just one visit! Call Sparkle Dental in Warren, Michigan today at (586) 619-3920