Dental Bonding

Experienced Dental Bonding in Warren, MI That’s Quick, Very Inexpensive, and Completely Painless

Dental Bonding PhotoDr. Monica and her staff have perfected the dental bonding procedure to deliver you results so amazing that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Dental bonding easily corrects gaps between teeth and fixes chipped teeth or malformed teeth for people of all ages. You can also take advantage of a much whiter and brighter smile while dramatically improving the way you feel.

Dental bonding is an inexpensive way to enhance and beautify your smile, and it’s a quick and completely painless cosmetic dentistry solution. Also, bonding is a very fast dental procedure, which means it takes up very little time from your busy schedule.

Dental bonding is also very versatile and is used for many cosmetic applications and remedies that include:

  • Correcting Decayed or Malformed Teeth
  • Quickly Fixing A Fractured, Chipped, or Broken Off Tooth
  • Solving Conditions with Sensitive Teeth or Discolored Teeth
  • Greatly Improving the Shape of an Unattractive Tooth
  • Easily Correcting Discolored Teeth or Stained Teeth  

And remember, Sparkle Dental uses the strongest and most durable bonding materials for the safe and effective improvement and beautification of your teeth.

We offer a free dental bonding consultation with absolutely no obligation of any kind

Have you or a family member recently broken a tooth? 

Sometimes teeth can break off or chip from any kind of incident like eating hard foods or unintentional sports accidents. You can be an adult or a child and still benefit from our inexpensive dental bonding treatments. Bonding is the fastest, safest, and most affordable way to repair chipped or broken teeth and it’s completely painless! 

Do you have sensitive teeth? 

Dental bonding could be the answer to getting rid of the pain or sensitivity you feel when eating something cold or hot. Also, dental bonding can be used to cover up and repair exposed roots and the nerves of sensitive teeth that come from grinding teeth or other external tooth problems. 

Don’t risk problems from someone that hasn’t perfected the dental bonding technique as we have!

You’ll love the finished product that comes from our commitment to excellence and experience in dental bonding. In addition, Dr. Monica uses an “exact match” tooth-shade guide that guarantees you the exact color match to the other teeth. Just like any other tooth repair, you want the final result to look completely “invisible”; and Dr. Monica delivers you the best color match possible to your natural teeth and guarantees you will be happy with the results!

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If you have a broken, discolored, or sensitive tooth, call to learn about your dental bonding options at (586) 619-3920.