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Root Canals PhotoYou can trust us to relieve your tooth pain and sensitivity with the latest endodontic procedures

If you are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity in your mouth we can help. We know the best course of action is always to try and save your natural teeth. There’s no better solution to maintaining a healthy smile than by keeping your mouth healthy and clean. Unfortunately, a tooth can get chipped or cracked and will lead to sensitivity and possible decay if the area isn’t kept clean.

Bad oral hygiene and poor diet can also lead to tooth decay and cavities, which can cause such sensitivity and pain.

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, don’t wait any longer to get a FREE consultation from Dr. Monica at our Warren, Michigan Sparkle Dental office, where she will explain your best options, and provide her professional recommendation for treating your tooth pain. Also, we know how aggravating any tooth pain can be, and we will help you get immediate pain relief as fast as possible.

What is a root canal or endodontics?

There are many different types of root canal or endodontics procedures, but yours is done in-office and normally requires only just one visit. At Sparkle Dental, we also offer you interest-free financing with Care Credit to help you get your root canal or endodontic procedure done right away, get you out of pain and on a comfortable budget.

The 2 basic parts of any tooth are the root of the tooth and the crown of the tooth. The crown of the tooth is above the gum line, and the root is below and attaches the tooth to the jaw bone.

Your root canal therapy consists of removing everything that lies inside the roots of the tooth. First, the roots are cleaned and decontaminated. We then fill the root canal with a biosynthetic material called gutta-percha. After this root canal therapy is completed, you should not feel any more pain because the nerve tissue has been safely removed. After your root canal procedure is completed, you will need to have a permanent filling and/or a dental crown installed to protect the tooth from any further damage.

Why choose Warren, Michigan’s Sparkle Dental for your root canal or endodontics?

Dr. Monica and her Warren, Michigan staff have years of experience with root canal treatments and other areas of endodontic therapy. Endodontic therapy is any service that has to deal with the treatment of the root of your tooth. Teeth that may need a root canal procedure are diseased or injured teeth, cracked teeth, teeth with deep decay, traumatized teeth, teeth with a loose filling or a crack in the filling. If you are experiencing any of these ailments, some of the common symptoms might include: sensitivity to temperatures when eating or drinking, tooth pain when chewing food, a continuous throbbing pain, prolonged sensitivity when breathing in air or teeth pain that wakes you up at night.

These symptoms typically occur when the structure of your tooth becomes compromised. You can have inflammation and/or infection in the tooth. Bacteria can infiltrate and move deeper down to the pulp chamber and cause an infection. The infection starts to irritate your tooth and sensitize the nerves. This creates the pain signals you feel, and now is the time to treat it with a root canal or endodontic procedure at Sparkle Dental.

Contrary to all the rumors and horror stories of the excruciating pain caused by a root canal, root canals should never hurt. The patient is anesthetized and should not feel ANY pain during the root canal procedure.

If your child is experiencing a situation that requires a pediatric root canal or endodontics remember that we are very experienced with children. We promise to make them feel safe and comfortable with painless and simple procedures.

Find out with a FREE dental consultation if a root canal is the right choice to eliminate your tooth pain and feel better. Also, don’t forget to schedule your regular check-ups and dental cleanings to avoid the need for root canals or other endodontic procedures.

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