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Award-Winning Pediatric Dental Care in Warren, MI

Dr. Monica PhotoGoing to the dentist isn’t fun for many adults and children, and many people even dread going to the dentist for a simple cleaning or check-up.

We are very confident, however, that when going to visit Sparkle Dental in Warren your child’s experience will be a positive one and completely painless.

In addition, our Dr. Monica Assad was recently presented the “Excellence In-Patient Care Award” which speaks very highly of her commitment to excellent customer service for every patient both young and old.

And for children, Dr. Monica and her staff are very friendly and experienced when it comes to a child’s dental work and individual needs. She has two children of her own and is often told by her parents just how much their children love seeing her. Dr. Monica’s very unique style and her understanding of children really puts her at a level far above Warren, MI pediatric dentists. She has a very special gift for communicating with children as well as making each one feel comfortable and enjoy a positive experience at the dentist.

Compassionate and caring pediatric dentistry for your child

In addition, Dr. Monica will always answer any questions or concerns you may have as a parent, and she will give you helpful tips for keeping your child’s teeth clean and amazingly healthy. Unlike other dentists in Warren, Dr. Monica has the patience and the determination required of a pediatric dentist to give your child the best dental care humanly possible!

Not only is her staff the best, but her office environment is very pleasant and stress-free. You’ll enjoy the positive and relaxing atmosphere, and so will your child. They can watch cartoons on the TV while in the dental treatment room, and they’ll receive the ultimate dental care from a pediatric dentist in Warren that stands above the crowd. And finally, after your child is finished with his or her appointment, they will be “rewarded” for good behavior with a fun toy!

Free dental education and pain-free dental care

As always, regular check-ups and appointments are key factors in maintaining your child’s good dental health. In addition, any postponement in the treatment of cavities can result in unnecessary pain, infection, self-esteem problems, and further destruction of permanent teeth. Please remember, this situation can further result in nerve damage, infection and pain until the teeth are properly taken care of. Also, studies show that postponing your child’s dental appointments could make their dental visits more traumatic.

Pediatric dentist Dr. Monica Assad also recommends that you monitor your child’s dietary habits. A proper diet is very important in helping to prevent cavities, and one suggestion we make is to limit the frequency of your child’s consumption of sugar.

Finally, regular brushing and flossing will help to care for your child’s baby teeth. Always keep routine dental appointments with your Warren, MI pediatric dentist, like cleanings and check-ups to avoid permanent damage to your child’s teeth. Many parents ask, "Why should I get fillings in my child's baby teeth; they are going to fall out anyway? It's true that primary teeth will exfoliate, but if those baby teeth are cavitated, they can become infected and affect the permanent teeth which are directly beneath. Visit Sparkle Dental in Warren, MI today to learn more about our excellent pediatric dental care, as well as more free tips on good dental habits to help keep your child’s teeth healthy!

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